Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Printing, rock and roll style

Our last meeting combined old-fashioned printing with a dash of rock and roll, courtesy of Tony, star of Bradford band Terrorvision.

Tony confessed to nerves, but rose to the challenge of teaching a room full of noisy women a range of printing techniques. We carved designs in blocks of wood, chopped paper with a guillotine last seen near Marie Antoinette's head in the French Revolution, and printed our designs in old-school printing presses.

Despite some people pioneering a unique style of back-to-front text (you have to carve the letters as if seen in a mirror or your writing is the wrong way round - obvious when you think about it), the results were splendid, and we all went away clutching a handful of Easter cards.

Our next meeting is this Thursday and we'll be twirling our skirts, clicking our heels and swishing our hair like a herd of highly-strung Spanish ponies - we're learning flamenco!

See you there,

Sara x

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